What You Can Do to Prevent Foot and Ankle Injuries

14 July 2017
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Injuries can happen at any time, especially if you aren't careful, but it can be difficult to be careful while playing a sport. In that case, there are a few things you can do to help prevent an injury to your feet and ankles, which may take the brunt of the injury. See below for a list of things to do to help you prevent injury.

Proper Footwear

Playing Sports

Wearing the proper footwear will help prevent an injury while playing a sport. Be sure to wear the right type of cleats depending on the sport you are playing, for instance, soccer cleats are different than football cleats. Football cleats have more ankle support, whereas soccer cleats have a lower cut at the ankle. The same goes for running shoes and walking or aerobic shoes. Running shoes are usually lighter with high arch support, and walking shoes have more of an all-over support. 


You should have proper footwear on your feet no matter what you are doing to help keep your feet in good shape and to prevent injuries such as plantar fasciitis or bunions. Wear shoes that have enough support in the heel and arch, and try to avoid high heels or flat shoes that don't have any support at all (such as flip-flops). Also wear shoes that fit your feet. Don't wear shoes that are too large or too small.


Stretching before doing a sport will help prevent injury. Stretching is good for the entire body. It can make you feel better, relieve stress and even help you sleep better at night. Do the following stretches to prevent injury to your feet/ankles.

Wall Stretch

Place the toe of your foot against the wall and press it into the wall to stretch the back of your calf and your foot.

Ball Stretch

Put a tennis ball below your foot and press your foot into the ball to help stretch the arch of your foot.

Ankle Pumps

Sit in a chair or on the floor and stretch your ankles by pointing your toe out, then pointing your toe up to the ceiling. Repeat ten times to stretch your ankle.

If you have been experiencing pain in your feet or ankles, whether it is from playing a sport or not, be sure to make an appointment with a podiatrist for help. A podiatrist can help alleviate the pain, and can give you other tips on things you can do to prevent future injuries.

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