Tips To Fix Your Ingrown Toenail Problem

26 August 2020
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Having an ingrown toenail can be painful and also embarrassing. The area around your toe will likely become inflamed or red, and that's not exactly the look you want to give off at the beach or pool. Thankfully, it's possible to get your feet back on track by using a variety of different self-treatment options. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you need assistance with ingrown toenails treatment.

First, Stop the Pain

If your ingrown toenail hurts bad enough that you can't think straight, you're going to want to reduce the pain. First things first, put some warm but not boiling-hot water into a pan or bucket and soak your foot. You can let your foot with the ingrown nail soak about 15 minutes or so at a time and repeat throughout the day if needed. This soaking will help to reduce the swelling throughout the area.

Next, you can opt to take a basic over-the-counter pain medicine to help reduce the ache. If you are worried about an infection, consider opting for some antibiotic cream that you can gently put over the inflamed area.

Dental Floss to the Rescue

You probably are not expecting to be told to reach for your dental care kit when fixing an ingrown toenail, but dental floss could prove quite helpful in this situation. While the toenail is obviously already ingrown, you want to try and prevent it from continuing to grow in a way that will go further into the skin. You can use a bit of dental floss to get underneath the edge of the ingrown nail and gently lift it up. This will allow the nail to continue growing above the skin instead of below it.

Switch Out Your Shoes

While your toe is healing, it's a good idea to avoid rubbing against the spot where the ingrown nail is. You can do this by switching to sandals or any other kind of open-toe shoe. If you must wear regular shoes to work, consider trying to limit the amount of time you are actually walking around the office. Stay at your desk and keep your foot still as much as you can.

Get Professional Help

If your ingrown toenail problem just won't go away, you might need professional help. A local foot expert may be able to try advanced treatments that you can't do yourself at home. Reach out today for more information.